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“Cell type-specific dynamics underlie cellular growth variability in plants”
Le Gloanec C.,  Lollet L., Silveira RS., Wang B., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Kierzkowski D.
Development 149, dev200783 (2022). Reprint


“Using positional information to provide context for image analysis with MorohoGraphX 2.0”
Strauss S., Runions A., Lane B., Eschweiler D., Bajpai N., Trozzi N., Routier-Kierzkowski A-L., Yoshida S., Silveira RS., Vijayan A., Tofanelli R., Majda M., Echevin E., Le Gloanec C., Bertrand-Rakusova H., Adibi M., Schneitz K., Bassel G., Kierzkowski D., Stegmeier J., Tsiatins M., Smith R.
eLife 11, e72601 (2022). Reprint

Plant Physiol

“Live-imaging provides an atlas of cellular growth dynamics in the stamen”
Silveira RS., Le Gloanec C., Gómez-Felipe A., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Kierzkowski D.
Plant Physiology 188, 769-781 (2022). Reprint


“Leaf Morphogenesis: Insights From the Moss Physcomitrium patens”
Lin W., Wang Y., Coudert Y., Kierzkowski D.
Frontiers in Plant Science 12, 736212 (2021). Reprint


“The Relationship between AGAMOUS and Cytokinin Signaling in the Establishment of Carpeloid Features”
Gómez-Felipe A., Kierzkowski D., de Folter S.
Plants 10, 827 (2021). Reprint


“Mechanomechanical feedback mediates tissue bending requied for seedling emergence”
Jonsson K., Lathe R., Kierzkowski D., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Hamant O., Bhalearo R.
Current Biology 31,1154-1164 (2021). Reprint

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“A WOX/auxin biosynthesis module controls growth to shape leaf form”
Zhang Z., Runions A., Mantink R., Kierzkowski D., Karady M., Hashemi B., Huijser P., Strauss S., Gan X., Ljung K., Tsiantis M.
Current Biology 30, 4857-4868 (2020). Reprint

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“Interplay between cell wall and auxin mediates the control of differential cell elongation during apical hook development”
Aryal B., Jonsson K., Baral A., Sancho-Andres G., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Kierzkowski D., Bhalerao RP.
Current Biology 30, 1733-1739 (2020). Reprint

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Dispatch by Ryan Eng & Arun Sampathkumar 
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“Quantifying Plant Growth and Cell Proliferation with MorphoGraphX”
Strauss S., Sapala A., Kierzkowski D., Smith RS.
Plant Cell Morphogenesis. Methods in Molecular Biology, Springer, New York, NY, 269-290 (2019) Reprint


“A Growth-Based Framework for Leaf Shape Development and Diversity.”
Kierzkowski D., Runions A., Vuolo F., Strauss S., Lymbouridou R., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Wilson-Sánchez D., Jenke H., Galinha C., Mosca G., Zhang Z., Canales C., Dello Ioio R., Huijser R., Smith RS., Tsiantis M.
Cell 177, 1405-1418 (2019). Reprint

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"Simple rules generate complex shapes" 
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"New leaf shapes for thale cress. From genes to leaf shape via growth" 
by Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research

"New leaf shapes for thale cress" 
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“Growth and biomechanics of shoot organs
Echevin E., Le Gloanec C., Skowrońska N., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Burian A., and  Kierzkowski D.
Journal of Experimental Botany (2019). Reprint


“Cellular basis of growth in plants: geometry matters.”
Kierzkowski D., and Routier-Kierzkowska A-L.
Current Opinion in Plant Biology 47, 56-63 (2019). Reprint

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by Magdalena Julkowska

cell systems

“Global Topological Order Emerges through Local Mechanical Control of Cell Divisions in the Arabidopsis Shoot Apical Meristem.”
Jackson MDB., Duran-Nebreda S., Kierzkowski D., Strauss S., Xu H., Landrein B., Hamant O., Smith RS., Johnston IG., Bassel GW.
Cell Systems 8, 53-65 (2019). Reprint

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Cover picture:


“LMI1 homeodomain protein regulates organ proportions by spatial modulation of endoreduplication.”
Vuolo F., Kierzkowski D., Runions A., Hajheidari M., Mentink RA., Das Gupta M., Zhang Z., Vlad D., Wang Y., Pecinka A., Gan X., Hay A., Huijser P., Tsiantis M.
Genes and Development 32, 1361-1366 (2018). Reprint

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"Scientists identify protein that controls leaf growth and shape"
by Max Planck Society


“The role of APETALA1 in petal number robustness.”
Monniaux M., Pieper B., McKim SM., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Kierzkowski D., Smith RS., Hay A.
eLife 7, e39399 (2018). Reprint


“Clones of cells switch from reduction to enhancement of size variability in Arabidopsis sepals.”
Tsugawa S., Hervieux N., Kierzkowski D., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Sapala A., Hamnat O., Smith R.S., Roeder A.H.K., Boudaoud A., Li C-B.
Development 144, 4398-4405 (2017). Reprint

Plant Physiol

“Seasonal regulation of petal number.”
McKim S., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Monniaux M., Kierzkowski D., Pieper B., Smith R.S., Tsiantis M., & Hay A.
Plant Physiology 175, 886-905 (2017). Reprint


“Coping with stress: mechanics of the expanding leaf.”
Routier-Kierzkowska A-L. & Kierzkowski D.
Journal of Experimental Biology 67, 5288–5290 (2016). Reprint


“A mechanical feedback restricts sepal growth and shape in Arabidopsis.”
Hervieux M., Dumond M., Sapala A.,  Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Kierzkowski D., Roeder A., Smith R.S., Boudaoud A., & Hamant O.
Current Biology 26, 1019-1028 (2016). Reprint


“MorphoGraphX: A platform for quantifying morphogenesis in 4D”
Barbier de Reuille P., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Kierzkowski D., Bassel G.W., Schüpbach T., Tauriello G., Bajpai N., Strauss S., Weber A., Kiss A., Burian A., Hofhuis H., Sapala A., Lipowczan M., Heimlicher M.B., Robinson S., Bayer E.M., Basler K., Koumoutsakos P., Roeder A.H.K., Aegerter-Wilmsen T., Nakayama N., Tsiantis M., Hay A., Kwiatkowska D., Xenarios I., Kuhlemeier C., & Smith R.S.
eLife 4, e05864 (2015). Reprint.

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"eLife showcases early-career authors of four outstanding papers"
Our paper was awarded by eLife editors


“Leaf shape evolution through duplication, regulatory diversification, and loss of a homeobox gene”
Vlad D., Kierzkowski D., Rast M.I., Vuolo F., Dello Ioio R., Galinha C., Gan X., Hajheidari M., Hay A., Smith R.S., Huijser P., Bailey C.D., & Tsiantis M.
Science 343, 780-783 (2014). Reprint

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“The SERRATE protein is involved in alternative splicing in Arabidopsis thaliana”
Raczynska K.D., Stepien A., Kierzkowski D., Kalak M., Bajczyk M., McNicol J., Simpson C.G., Szweykowska-Kulinska Z., Brown J.W.S., & Jarmolowski A.
Nucleic Acids Research 42, 1224-1244 (2014) Reprint


“Interaction between meristem tissue layers controls phyllotaxis”
Kierzkowski D., Lenhard M., Smith R.S., & Kuhlemeier C.
Developmental Cell 26, 616-628 (2013) Reprint

Plant Physiol

“PIN1-independent leaf initiation in Arabidopsis”
Guenot B., Bayer E., Kierzkowski D., Smith R.S., Mandel T., Žádníková P., Benková E., & Kuhlemeier C.
Plant Physiology 159, 1501-1510 (2012) Reprint


“Elastic domains regulate growth and organogenesis in the plant shoot apical meristem”
Kierzkowski D., Nakayama N., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Weber A., Bayer E., Schorderet M., Reinhardt D., Kuhlemeier C., & Smith R.S.
Science 335, 1096-1099 (2012) Reprint.

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“The Arabidopsis CBP20 targets the cap‐binding complex to the nucleus, and is stabilized by CBP80”
Kierzkowski D., Kmieciak M., Piontek P., Wojtaszek P., Szweykowska‐Kulinska Z., & Jarmolowski A.
Plant Journal 59, 814-825 (2009) Reprint


“Signaling and Cell Walls”
Rodakowska E., Derba-Maceluch M., Kasprowicz A., Zawadzki P., Szuba A, Kierzkowski D., & Wojtaszek P.
Signaling in Plants, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 173-193 (2009) Reprint


“Mechanical Integration of Plant Cells”
Kasprowicz A., Kierzkowski D., Maruniewicz M., Derba-Maceluch M., Rodakowska E., Zawadzki P., Szuba A., & Wojtaszek P.
Plant-Environment Interactions, Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1-20 (2009) Reprint


“An Arabidopsis endo-1, 4-β-D-glucanase involved in cellulose synthesis undergoes regulated intracellular cycling”
Robert S., Bichet A., Grandjean O., Kierzkowski D., Satiat-Jeunemaître B., Pelletier S., Hauser M-T., Höfte H., & Vernhettes S.
The Plant Cell 17, 3378-3389 (2004) Reprint