Constance get an excellence bursary from the UdeM

20 September 2022


Constance Le Gloanec was one of the three students from our department to get the excelence bursary for Ph.D. students. Congratulations Constance!!!

Our work was presented at the Plant Organ Growth and Form in Heidelberg

15 September 2022


Sylvia and Daniel presented our work on flowers at Plant Organ Growth and Form Conference in Heidelberg, Germany

Paper on cell growth variability in plants published in Development

26 July 2022


Our paper was published in Development. 
Le Gloanec et al., 2022: “Cell type-specific dynamics underlie cellular growth variability in plants“. 
A special congratulation to Constance for her first research paper!!!

We have the first cover!

4 February 2022

Plant Physiology COVER

First cover from the lab. Congratulations Sylvia and others!!! “Live-imaging provides an atlas of cellular growth dynamics in the stamen”

Stamen’s development paper was published in Plant Physiology

2 August 2021


The first research paper from the lab is now published. Congratulations Sylvia and others!!! “Live-imaging provides an atlas of cellular growth dynamics in the stamen”

Sylvia’s work on stamen development presented at conferences

June-July 2021


Three oral presentations about our work on stamen development: two talks selected from abstracts by Sylvia Silveira at the Canadian Society of Plant Biology Conference 2021 and Botany 2021; plenary lecture by Daniel Kierzkowski at FASEB 2021 Mechanisms in Plant Development. 

Andrea and Binghan join the team

01 January 2021


Andrea Gomez Felipe starts her postdoc and Binghan Wang her Ph.D. in our lab. Both will work on organ diversity in Brasicaceae. 

Emilie is now Master of Science. Congratulation!!!!

15 November 2020

Emilie photo

Emilie Echevin from Anne-Lise Routier Lab, co-supervised by Daniel Kierzkowski is the fist student graduating from the lab. She has obtained her Master’s degree in Biology. Congratulations, Emilie 🙂 

Elvis joins the lab

01 July 2020


Elvis Branchini, graduate student from University of Montreal joins us for his summer internship financed by NSERC. Elvis will be working together with Sylvia on filament elongation, at the moment remotly from home…

Stefan de Folter visit

21 February 2020


It was a pleasure to host Stefan de Folter from CINVESTAV in Mexico. Great scientific discussions and exciting collaborations to come!

First group picture

13 February 2020


Our first group picture together with Anne-Lise Routier lab. A perfect occasion to say welcome to Wenye and Andrea! (photo: Dave Smith)

Bienvenido Andrea

15 January 2020


Andrea comes from Stefan de Folter’s lab at LANGEGIO, Irapuato, Mexico. She is studying the AGAMOUS and cytokinin relationship in early floral development.

Bem-vindo Sylvia!

27 October 2019


Sylvia Silveira joint our lab as postdocs. She will aim to understand the influence of elevated temperature on growth and development of lateral organs in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Daniel presenting the leaf growth project at Cinvestav UGA – Langebio, Mexico

22 October 2019


Thanks, Jean-Philippe Vielle Calzada, for the invitation and great discussions!

Emilie presenting her work at the Plant Canada 2019 meeting in Guelph

9 July 2019


Our paper in Cell was highlighted by Science Magazine editor!

17 June 2019


“Studying plant leaves, Kierzkowski et al. use live imaging and computational modeling to deconstruct the growth patterns of a simple leaf compared with those of a complex dissected leaf. Both sorts of leaf use the same tools for growth.”

Hines PJ (2019) “Simple rules generate complex shapes.” Science 364, 1044-1045. Reprint

Daniel teaching at the EMBO practical course in Nagoya

10 September 2018


EMBO Course website

Our new paper about the development and diversity of leaves is now out in Cell

30 May 2019


 Quantitative modulation of the common developmental program yields leaf shape diversity in Brasicaceae.

Kierzkowski D., Runions A., Vuolo F., Strauss S., Limbouridou R., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Wilson-Sanchez D., Jenke H, Galinha C., Mosca G., Zhang Z., Canales C., Dello Ioio R., Huiser P., Smith RS., Tsiantis M. (2019) “A Growth-Based Framework for Leaf Shape Development and Diversity.” Cell 177, 1405-1418. Reprint

Check out our new review on growth and biomechanics of lateral organs.

30 April 2019


 Congratulations to Emilie and Constance for their first publication.

Echevin E., Le Gloanec C., Skowrońska N., Routier-Kierzkowska A-L., Burian A., Kierzkowski D. (2019) “Growth and biomechanics of shoot organs.” Journal of Experimental Botany 177, 1405-1418. Reprint

Emilie wins a picture competition at the IRBV. Congrats!

09 April 2019


The shoot apical meristem of Arabidopsis thaliana

Daniel together with Anne-Lise Routier (IRBV) and Frederick Gosselin (PolyMTL) wins a highly competitive New Frontiers in Science grant 

1 April 2019


Title: “Towards resilient flowers in a changing environment: How plants regulate the growth of their male organs?”

A collaborative paper with George Bassel Lab is now published

9 January 2019


On the cover: Optical cross-section of the Arabidopsis thaliana shoot apical meristem (SAM) imaged using live-cell confocal microscopy. Cell outlines are visualized by a fluorescent plasma-membrane marker.

Jackson M., Duran-Nebreda S., Kierzkowski D., Strauss S., Xu H., Landerain B., Hamant O., Smith R., Johnston I., Bassel G. (2019) “Global topological order emerges through local mechanical control of cell division in the Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem.” Cell Systems 8, 53-66. Reprint

Bienvenue Constance!

15 January 2019


Constance Le Gloanec has joined the lab as a first Ph.D. student. She will be working on the understanding of the development of lateral organs in Brassicaceae.

Stipule development uncovered

 26 October 2018


Organ proportions in leaves depend on endoreduplication controlled by LMI1 homeodomain protein.

Vuolo F., KIerzkowski D., Runions A., Hajheidari M., Mentink R., Das Gupta M., Zhang Z., Vlad D., Wang Y., Pecinka A., Gan X., Hay A., Hujser P., Tsiantis M. (2018) “LMI1 homeodomain protein regulates organ proportions by spatial regulation of endoreduplication” Genes & Development 32, 1361-1366. Reprint

Our review with Anne-Lise is published

9 OCTOBER 2018


We discuss recent progress in our understanding of the cellular basis of growth in plants from the biomechanical perspective.

Kierzkowski D., and Routier-Kierzkowska A-L. (2019) “Cellular Basis of Growth in Plants: geometry matters.” Current Opinion in Plant Biology 47, 56-63. Reprint

Bienvenido Saul!

10 September 2018


Welcome to Saul Jimenez, a visiting Ph.D. student from the National Autonomous University of Mexico who came working with us thanks to the ELAP fellowship.

Mainak Das Gupta talk

25 MAI 2018Mainak

Mainak Das Gupta from Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research (Cologne, DE) visited the lab and presented his work on gradients in leaf growth and shape.

Welcoming Zoe and Constance

16 APRIL 2018constance zoe

Welcome to Zoe and Constance – two new master students in the lab.

Our picture published in Nature!

23 JANUARY 2018NatureDaniel’s picture of Cardamie hirsuta leaf primordium used to highlight how the advances in imaging are reviving the art of looking at plants.

Ledford H. (2018) “The lost art of looking at plants.Nature 553, 396-398. Reprint

Sepal growth data published in Development

28 NOVEMBER 2017F3.largeOur time-lapse growth tracking used by Chun-Biu Li Lab to understand how cellular variability in growth might contribute to organ shape.

Tsugawa S. et al., (2017) “Clones of cells switch from reduction to enhancement of size variability in Arabidopsis sepals.” Development 144, 4398-4405. Reprint

Rishi Bhalerao and Kristoffer Jonsson visit

25 NOVEMBER 2017RishiFantastic talks at IRBV by Rishi and Kristoffer from Umea Plant Science Center (Sweden). They have visited the lab to discuss collaborations and learn how to use the MorphoGraphX software.

A new paper in Plant Physiology

01 SEPTEMBER 2017petalOur time-lapse data helped to understand how the number of the petal primordia is regulated by temperature in Cardamine hirsuta.

McKim S. et al., (2017) “Seasonal regulation of petal number.” Plant Physiology 175, 886-903. Reprint

Daniel joined the IRBV!

03 JULY 2017IRBVPEOPLEAfter completing his postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research in Cologne (Germany), Daniel has joined the Plant Biology Research Institute (IRBV) in July 2017 as a faculty member (photo: Dave Smith).